This is a highlands’ honey, typical of the Portuguese Central Mountains Range. Very appreciated for its unique qualities, it’s the most original of honeys. It presents a very dark amber tone, dense consistency and a very rich flavour, with some astringency, typical of heather nectar.
Genuine product of the highest quality, it's harvested in the highest areas of the Lousã Mountains where the best kind of heather can be found.
This monofloral honey combines its gourmet qualities with unique nutritional value; with a dense content of polyphenols it's the most anti-oxidant of all honeys. It has anti-inflammatory action, prevents aging and degenerative diseases.




This is a multifloral honey harvested in the wild areas of Beiras Region and obtained trough an experienced practice of transhumance. It benefits from different floral varieties, including 4 types of Heather, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Furze, Hollyhock, Thyme, Lavender and Borage. Very smooth and delicate it gathers the preference of the majority of consumers.
With recognized health benefits, it strengthens the immune system, acts as antitussive, antiseptic, antioxidant and mineralizer. It is one of our most prized honeys.





This honey is the first to be collected every year. Harvested in the coastline forest areas of Beira Region, has its origin in the nectar of eucalyptus flower. With a very pleasant taste this honey is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Slightly more aromatic than other honeys, has a light brown tone and a more open flavour.
It is the most antiseptic of honeys and it’s particularly beneficial to the respiratory system. It acts against the harmful effects of pollution, helps to combat bronchitis, cough, asthma and sinusitis.





This forest honey has its origin in the lower lands of Beira Interior and it’s harvested in areas of great Rosemary predominance. With a light tone, it has an accentuated sweet aroma and flavour due to its high concentration of fructose, which makes it recommended in free of sugar (sucrose) free  diets as a natural sweetener.
Several studies highlight the qualities of Rosemary as an anticancer agent as well as a preventative against degenerative diseases.




This honey may not have the most delicate taste but its nutritional value is what makes it special.
The honey from Cortiço (the traditional Portuguese beehive) has to be pressed inside the honeycomb during the extraction process; as a result its properties are enriched by absorbing the waste of pollen, royal jelly, propolis and wax.
APIMEL produces this small crop, limited to Lousã Mountains, as a way to optimize the already exceptional qualities of the honey from this region.
Using traditional methods of production and extraction, and with pastures located in the most interior areas of these mountains, away from any human activity and pollution free, this honey represents its origin at the pinnacle of its qualities.



Wild Flowers Honey with Walnuts. Sheer ambrosia, this delicious delicacy is truly fit for the gods! It combines the delicate flavor of the several times awarded Apimel's Thousand-Flowers honey, with the astringent aftertaste and crunchy texture of the highest quality nuts. An unforgettable experience.



Certified organic honey from heather flowers, harvested in the Lousã mountains. The entire process, from the materials used to maintenance and extraction meets the most demanding parameters, being subjected to rigorous supervision and inspections. For those who demand guarantee for the highest possible quality.





APIMEL Honey is 100% Natural, Pure Raw Honey!

Because of this it will reveal a tendency to crystallize over time especially when exposed to lower temperatures.
This is a phenomenon that occurs only with raw honey and constitutes a proof of authenticity.
You may bring it back to a more liquid state by heating it in warm water.
Never subject honey to a temperature above 40º as this would destroy its properties.















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